Stanford Ignite — Part-Time

Acquire the business fundamentals and the hands-on experience needed to turn your ideas into ventures in a nine-week, part-time program.

Stanford Ignite – Part-Time

Stanford Ignite is offered in the winter as a nine-week, part-time program for working professionals and graduate students.

Program Dates

2020 Program Dates TBD

Application due:  The application is not yet available.

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals with a bachelor’s degree and some professional experience (an advanced degree is preferred).
  • Graduate students currently pursuing a master’s, MD, PhD, post-doc program in a nonbusiness field.

What to Expect

  • Find out how market research enables participants to better understand customer needs, hone in on unmet client expectations and validate hypotheses about the market
  • Explore how consumers evaluate fit between company offerings and their needs, both functional and symbolic
  • Dive deep into the elements of the financial reporting environment and the role of the primary financial statements to identify key relations among them
  • Learn more about the unifying framework for value-based pricing